The bike is going to have 3 tanks. One is for the fuel, one for the engine lubrication oil and one is to collect any oil following with the ventilation air from the crankcase respectively the oil tank.

As the latter two tanks will be made as parts of the driver’s seat I will cover them under the heading Fairing & Seat. As a matter of fact I have not quite figured out yet how the oil system will l work and look like so it will have to be dealt with a little later on. Am I going to let the crankcase breathe into the oil tank and from there lead a single hose into the collector tank or should they both be led into the collector tank separately? Some more study and thought needed here.

So, this leaves us with the fuel tank. I have spent a great deal of time trying to find somebody that makes an aluminium tank to fit the Seeley MkII frame. but this has been difficult. There are several companies/gentlemen that produce ( handmade ) aluminium tanks for motorcycles but the ones I could find either do not make the type I want or they do but have a lead time of 40+ weeks, which is much longer than I wanted to wait. In fact, the company that tells me 40+ weeks have a website but no email address but a phone number that they won’t answer. In fact they say on the website that the best way to contact them is via regular mail. You know that thing with a paper stuffed in an envelope with a stamp on it. Fantastic that we still have people in Europe that can live lives like that. Can I please join?

In comes Martin Page with his Minnovation Racing in the UK. He has got tanks on the shelf and he is the one that gets my money. I guess it will look like on the bike below – GREAT isn’t it?