The frame was once designed by a British gentleman by the name of Colin Seeley. He is known for having designed and built many different successful frames – some of them being ridden in world championship races. He has a very interesting biography and the best place to read about him is Wkipedia.

Colin has been around motorcycles all his life, building them, racing them and selling them and he has made three designs that are relatively famous among vintage road racers: The Mk II, the Mk III and the Mk IV. I have never heard of or seen a Mk I so I guess it was not successful. In my mind the Mk II looks the best and is probably the best known and therefore that is the frame I have chosen for my project.

Several people have built or are still building copies of the Mk II, one of them saying that he is building Seeley approved replica frames. That may be so, but the gentleman never answered his telephone so I quickly turned to another gentleman called Dennis Barber. He is not very good at answering the phone either but he DOES have an email address from which I get the occasional reply.

Anyway, Dennis got the job and my money in advance and I am expecting my frame in early 2016.

The frames are made out of Reynold’s 531 steel tubing and the various tubes are joined by bronze welding.