Shock Absorbers

Just like the front fork takes care of the front wheel, the shock absorbers’ job is to keep the rear wheel firmly in contact with the road, as the motorcycle travels over the more or less bumpy race track. This is done by a combination of a heavy external spiral spring, which takes care of absorbing the weight of the driver/motorcycle and pushing the rear wheel downwards against the road whenever it has been forced upwards by a road bump. In order for the spring not to oscillate lengthwise, the shock absorber has an internal pneumatic mechanism that is dampening the movements of the spring. This is all high tech stuff that will, when set up right allow you to go through bumpy corners ( and straights ) at a high speed, while when not properly set up will make the bike behave like a snake and and not allow the same cornering speeds.

Kenny Cummings of NYC Norton says on his web site that for him the Falcon shock absorbers are the best and that was enough for me. I have no intention of riding my Seeley at any speed even close to what Kenny does so the Falcons should be perfect for me as well. When ordering the shock absorbers one has to tell Falcon for which type of motorcycle they will be used as well as the weight of the driver. In my case I told them 90 kg so that is my target weight for this year. I am not telling you whether I need gain or lose weight. Here is what they look like. Beautiful.